Local seo chicago

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to bring organic traffic to your website. Essentially, SEO is a way of increasing your ranking on websites like Google, which can help you get more people looking at your website.
Organic Vs. Inogranic
An inorganic visit basically occurs when someone clicks a link that you paid for, like in the case of pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google. While many people inexperienced with online marketing might think that PPC is a good way to generate traffic to your business, the reality is it is not only expensive but also ineffective. 70-80% of users will explicitly ignore PPC ads and move on to the organic search results.
An organic visit happens anytime someone visits from an organic search result, or a link placed on a blog or other website naturally. This does not include link spam, in fact, those links can actually harm you.

How to Increase Organic Views

You need to understand what words you want to rank on. While it might be tempting for you to choose basic terms, there is also a great deal more competition. For instance, a Buick dealer in Albany, New York will have to fight millions of sites to rank on Buick (including Buick itself) but Buick Albany, the local seo keyword will be a much easier keyword to rank on.
Optomize your code!
Your code is the skeleton of your site and is the chief way Google interacts with it. There are a number of spaces in code that allow you to specify exactly what keywords are important for your site. The better your code is, the more Google will trust your site. Meta tags, Title tags, and your site map should all be optimized to draw as much attention from Google as possible.
Build Links
Links are incredibly important from an SEO perspective. The more high-quality sites you can get to link back to your own information, the more important you will be in Google’s eyes. Think of each link as a vote, one or two votes from reputable sources will mean less than a thousand. Social media can be a huge boon, as can forums.
While this is a brief guide and one that does not cover many important concepts like local SEO, how to build a citation, or web design, we hope this has been a good first step at improving your businesses visual presence.