The epoxy floor contains a hardener and a resin which are mixed before application. The minimum thickness for the application of the clear coat epoxy for concrete is two millimeters. Due to this thickness, epoxy floors are ideal for areas of heavy impact and extreme weather conditions. Epoxy flooring is strong, durable, and is resistant to chemicals.

Can you use epoxy outdoors?

The epoxy floor is strong, and the coating of concrete makes it able to hold heavyweights and is ideal for use in areas with high traffic. The material is stable, and this helps in the transportation of heavy loads without wear and tear. Clear epoxy resin garage floor helps to cover concrete damage. It makes the surface smooth and adds a polished appearance to the defects.
Epoxy floors are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They add beauty to the landscape, and for external applications, they are used in sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, and entrances. The floors are also available in various stone designs and colors, depending on individual needs.

An epoxy resin floor is cost-effective. The cheap floor epoxy does not need additional materials, and this reduces the installation cost. The floor also lasts long and does not need regular maintenance costs. Many commercial projects and industries prefer the use of epoxy floors for safety. They use anti-slip mixes to prevent slipping.

Epoxy coating

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter into a new room? It is likely the floor. The floor is expansive and bright and because of this, it grabs our attention from the moment we step onto it. We probably pay attention to things like color, durability, and design. While you are planning the flooring of your commercial building, keep this in mind. Choose flooring that suits your workplace, but also attracts the eye of the customer.

Consider the type of business

The type of business and the specific services that you will be providing will matter to the type of flooring that you choose. Aviation flooring, for example, requires a special kind of flooring. Aviation flooring often holds extremely heavy and extremely hot machines, such as airplanes. The flooring needs to be fire resistant and durable to the wheels of the airplane. Aviation flooring usually requires type of flooring that is approved by fire marshals and those in charge. Perhaps the most common type of flooring for highly flammable areas are epoxy floors.

Epoxy formulations used to coat concrete are generally 100% non volatile, are resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and adhere well. However, when choosing epoxy flooring for aviation flooring, it is extremely important to go with a qualified and knowledgeable epoxy flooring company. Not laying the flooring correctly can reduce the many safety features that people choose it for.

Consider the overall look

While the overall look may not matter to things like storage backrooms, maintenance areas, or runways, it is important to areas that customers will frequent. You can still utilize epoxy flooring for its many benefits, but add a level of appeal and aesthetics to it. Decorate flake flooring in a sense, dresses up the traditional epoxy flooring system. The simple process of adding decorative flakes is included during the installation process. Many businesses choose epoxy flooring because it also brightens up darkened rooms. Epoxy flooring can increase an area?s brightness by 200%. Epoxy flooring for backrooms can make it look larger and brighter.

Temperature of the space

Temperature is also important. Some flooring areas can get extremely over heated, including outdoor areas, warehousing industries, and scientific research labs. Areas with especially heated environments require a special installation process. However, it is humidity that matters more than the heat itself. The relative humidity test involves drilling a hole and testing for humidity at 40% depth of the slab. If there is humidity within the concrete, it can prevent the epoxy flooring from properly sealing. The outer layers may appear to be sealed, but over time, flake and melt away. This is another reason it is so important to have an experienced epoxy flooring company. Proper installation is needed to protect the condition of your flooring.

Upkeep possibilities

Most commercial buildings require a flooring product that is minimal upkeep and maintenance. It can be difficult, almost impossible, to complete upkeep on flooring after heavy machinery and tools are moved in. If the space is leased, the owner may not have the ability to maintain the floors. For these reasons, it is important to choose a flooring system that lasts for many years. It is often not in the budget to install new commercial flooring every couple of years. Fortunately, if the epoxy flooring is installed and coated correctly, it can last for many years, sometimes up to 10 years. After 10 years, it is unlikely that a full replacement is needed, rather than minor maintenance.

Flooring is one of the first things we identify about a business. Some customers may even make judgements based on the type of flooring. Flooring also factors into safety and durability. Epoxy flooring is one of the most common types of commercial flooring system, because it is temperature resistant, durable, and easy to install. It also looks nice by brightening and making a room look larger.