A commercial cleaning janitorial walkthrough is a thorough and detailed site assessment. According to the ‘Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Walk-Through’ video, the inspector will look at the cleaning systems during the walkthrough. The professionals check for regulatory compliance too. They will also be on the lookout for any health risks that could be a potential hazard to employees and customers. An evaluation will take about two hours to complete.

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There are different inspection techniques for undertaking a commercial cleaning janitorial walkthrough as discussed below.

Thorough Inspection

The thorough inspection approach is ideal for clients looking for a comprehensive inspection of their premises. The assessment will find proper conditions of the premises, any hidden problems, and points for improvement. The cost of undertaking this inspection would be pretty high. According to commercial cleaning company professionals, this inspection is time-consuming and thorough.

Selective Inspection

The selective approach is best for clients looking for a detailed inspection of the property. The review gives a quick glimpse of the condition of the property. Selective assessment by a commercial cleaning company will find any existing problems. This approach is excellent for clients on a tight budget or who would like to save time and money. It is a cheaper alternative to undertaking a comprehensive review.

Commercial cleaning janitorial walk-throughs vary according to the inspections’ scope or findings. It will be up to you as the client to choose what type of inspection you would like to undertake. Your choice will depend on your budget and time constraints.