A chain link fence has many good qualities; for starters, it’s pretty strong and can keep intruders out of a property. Also, a chain link fence can be used for both residential and commercial fencing. However, a chain link fence needs to be built well to be functional.

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Therefore, how can people establish the perfect chain link fence at home or in their businesses?

According to the narrator in the video, the first step in building a chain link fence is setting the posts. If the fence is very long, people should set one at the very end to act as a sight post to keep the fence line in check.

After setting the posts, the next step is using concrete to secure them. For this step, people should hire a concrete company so that they get ready-mix concrete. Then they can use a concrete dispenser to secure each post. According to the video, concrete used to secure fence posts should have a strength rating of about 3000 PSI.

The final step of building a chain link fence is setting the height of the posts. Basically, in this step, people should mark all the posts they’ve set.