Shipping container modifications are now being popularly used in different industries. This trend was pioneered by Starbucks back in 2011 when they launched a 450 square foot shipping container store in Washington. To date, if each shipping container across the world were lined up end to end, they would circle the earth two times. There are about 17 million shipping containers in the world but only 6 million are in use. About 11 million unused shipping containers can be used for various purposes through modification. Modified shipping containers allow the creation of shipping container studios, homes, restaurants, pop up container bars, and trade show shipping containers. As a result, a lot of organizations have resolved to use shipping container modifications to create space where they can handle their operations. But what makes the shipping container studio this popular?


The cost of fabricating a shipping container studio is considerably fair. Therefore, you will not have to spend a fortune if you intend to set up one. However, you must ensure you work with a reliable shipping container dealer. This will ensure you not only get a durable modified shipping container but also enjoy great fabrication service. Therefore, you get value for your money.

Chance To Customize

With customized shipping containers you are able to end up with a mobile office that perfectly serves the purpose at hand. Furthermore, you can make other modifications whenever you decide to switch your business operations. This will ensure your products enjoy the recommended storage, and a business can make transitions without any disruptions. This means you can easily switch your shipping container café to a pop up container bar. All you need is an expert to carry out the required modifications to meet your needs.

Saves On Time

The hassle that comes with building or even renting office space is very frustrating. Furthermore, it takes a significant amount of time to search for the best office space you are intending to buy or rent. But this problem can be resolved with a shipping container studio. You can easily set up your office using a modified shipping container. This approach is not only affordable but also saves time. Therefore, you will have an office within a short period.

Creates Spacious Workspace

Shipping containers offer enough space to design not only an amazing but also a spacious workspace. This may solve the workspace issue that an organization might be facing. It will ensure every department or specific staff gets enough space to further the operations of the organization. Highly profile staff can have their offices modified to meet their status in terms of privacy and a conducive working environment. In that shipping container studio, all the necessary working equipment will be fitted without using up a lot of space. Therefore, there will still be that freedom to move around without feeling trapped in a cage.

Ideal Location

One thing that stresses business people and entrepreneurs is shifting their businesses to another location. First, they have to deal with the struggle of searching for a workspace. The available business offices might be quite expensive or might not meet the recommendations required by the relocating party. Fortunately, shipping containers are very portable therefore, you can easily move them to your preferred location. Furthermore, they are already fabricated, with all the necessary equipment installed thus you will not have to start from scratch in terms of coming up with your office layout. This type of flexibility will ensure you set up your shipping container studio in a strategic position to attract potential customers.


Fabrication of shipping containers to create mobile shops has its fair share of advantages. It has enabled the creation of workspace, flexible and durable offices, a process that takes less time. Business owners can easily come up with their offices to further their venture. This saves on time and ensures the business remains in operation without any disruptions.