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Even if you no longer have kids at home, marquee signs for schools are still of interest. Knowing when, for instance, you can go up to the school and check out the After Prom decorations, or reminding yourself of when the school year ends can be important information for people who still want to be in the know even after their children have graduated.
Outdoor LED signs are growing increasingly common, both for schools and for churches, private businesses and government offices. With the ability to change messages instantly, in fact, marquee signs for schools, churches, and large and small businesses can help inform the public about important information. And while commercial business signs may have been rather dull and predictable years in the past, the marquee signs for schools and the newest digital signs for businesses are neither predictable or boring. With the ability to be programmed in a number of colors and speeds, in fact, the possibilities are endless. From scrolling marquee signs for churches or for government offices, digital sign companies likely have an offering that will suit your need.
A Well Designed and Well Placed Sign Can Help You spread Your Message

  • Many businesses make the mistake of not using big enough signage to advertise their business name details about their products and services. These signs are so important that many businesses actually install a sign months in advance of actually opening.
  • An on-site sign has the same value as buying 24 full-page newspaper ads every year.
  • Kids can be especially observant, and demanding of their parents, when they see signs that advertise food that they love or attractions that they have heard about. No wonder national franchises spent as much as they do creating signs that are easily recognizable.
  • Estimates indicate that 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards, both traditional and digital.

  • Surveys indicate that 26% of consumers say they noted a phone number and 28% say they noted a web site address written on an outdoor billboard.
  • Until you have been a consumer who has driven around a block several times looking for a specific business you likely do not realize how much you depend on well placed and easy to read signage.
  • Research indicates that 68% of poll respondents frequently or sometimes make their shopping decisions while in the car.
  • Estimates say that 58% of poll respondents who are 18 years or older learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard.

  • Your investment in a quality sign can help you make sure that your usual customers can find you easily, but it can also make sure that someone passing by might notice you for the first time.
  • One of the best ways to improve your branding is to make sure that your logo or trademark is also a part of your outdoor signage.
  • Until churches realize that they are also in “competition” for some of the same “consumers,” the need for attractive and informative signage was not always apparent.

  • As many as than one-third of consumers indicate looking at an outdoor ad each, or most of the time, that they pass one.
  • Retail stores especially benefit from billboards. In fact, 32% of poll respondents visited the retailer later that same week after noticing a billboard.
  • Everyone knows the importance of digital marketing and the variety of social media platforms. Wise business people, however, also understand the importance of more traditional marketing pieces like outdoor signage and billboards.

  • Neighborhood schools and churches obviously cater to their current students and congregation members. They also, however, understand the importance of using marquee signs for schools and churches to attract other local neighbors to community events.
  • One way to attract more attention is to update an old sign. In fact, studies indicate that adding or changing a sign a business can directly improve sales revenue. Even replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign increases revenue by 7.7%
  • The statistics also show that 35% of people indicated that they would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign.
  • Iinitial decisions may be influenced by a well placed sign.
  • Could your business use a new sign?
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  • Definitely costs you money!