Led digital display sign

The Promposal signs are hilarious.
The March for Science signs are though provoking.
The yard signs welcoming home high school state athletic champs are inspiring.
The door signs that people put on their front doors are revealing.
The lyrics to the song Signs, Signs, Everywhere’s a Sign seem to more true now than ever before. From shy high school young men trying to find a clever way to ask out the girls of their dreams to the scrolling marquee signs that welcome a local military hero back home, signs are the things that help us know where we can find the closet hospital and remind us of upcoming social events. In fact, the municipal signs that line indicate where the closest government office are now such a major part of our live that we might not know how we would find where are next meeting is.
In addition to providing directions and reminding us of future road construction projects, signs also provide a way for businesses of all kinds to attract their clients and customers.
Although digital marketing is seen as an essential part of today’s marketplace, schools, businesses, churches, and government agencies all realize the importance of outdoor signs as well. In fact, once a potential customer or client has found a product through a search engine and has then used GPS directions to get in the general vicinity of a business, it is still the business sign that plays the important role of finding the desired store. Municipal signs, too, serve the purpose of directing community members to essential services that they may need.
Consider some of these facts and figures about today’s sign industry and the marketing power that these large visuals have:

  • 85% of a business’s customers work or live within a five-mile radius of the business location.
  • 71% of people indicate that they “often” look at roadside billboard messages, both those located on traditional signs, as well as those that are digitally displayed.
  • 68% of poll respondents indicated that they “frequently” or “sometimes” make their shopping decisions while they are in the car.
  • 58% of poll respondents 18 years or older indicated that they learned about an event they were interested in attending by reading the information on a billboard.
  • 58% of poll respondents indicated that they found out about a restaurant they later visited from a billboard they saw while in their car.
  • 37% of people report looking at an outdoor advertisement “each” or “most” of the time they pass one.
  • 35% of people indicate that they would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign
  • 32% of poll respondents indicate that they visited a retailer they saw advertised on a billboard later that week.
  • 28% of poll respondents noted a web site written on an outdoor billboard.
  • 26% of poll respondents noted a phone number written on an outdoor billboard.
  • 17% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers indicated that they stopped in the technology store because of its sign.

Whether it is a school marquee promoting an upcoming spring graduation or an outdoor LED display directing people to a winter carnival, many Americans rely on signs to provide them with the direction that they need. Municipal signs and other government agency signage is so essential, in fact, that many offices are required to meet detailed specifications when it comes to signs.
If you are one of the many American consumers who is influenced by a sign when it comes time to pick a place to eat while you are traveling you will not be surprised that studies show adding or changing a sign directly improves sales revenue. In fact, even replacing a store front wall sign with a sign that is larger can increase revenue by 7.7%. If you are a new business owner, you might also be interested to know that the value of an on site sign is considered equal to the exposure of running 24 full page newspaper ads.
Whether you are in charge of placing orders for standard municipal signs or you on a team to design a new LED message for a church, you will likely find that your efforts are not only worth your time, the time spent will also produce extra exposure and profits.