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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a shocking new public health study in October 2015, and it’s something every parent should know about. For decades, Americans have been seeking alternatives to the offerings of major pharmaceutical companies, which come with a list of side effects too long to read. And that’s why the nutraceutical industry — dietary supplements, weight loss aids, vitamins, et al — has exploded in popularity.

Unfortunately, the CDC found that dietary supplements send at least 23,000 Americans to emergency rooms every year, a number that could be rising in 2015. Many of those ER visits are for people who have accidentally taken too much of a supplement, or taken supplements that interacted with something else in their diet. The most common complaints were symptoms like shortness of breath and dizziness.

More importantly, thousands of young children suffered accidental poisoning because of dietary supplements left within their reach. And that’s why parents should take note.

Remember: Keep Nutraceuticals Out of Children’s Reach!

Because they aren’t prescribed by a doctor, many parents don’t think about taking similar precautions with supplements. And because many of these products are described as “all natural,” just as many don’t know that they need to. However, even the safest medicines can be deadly if taken to excess by a small child. That means parents should invest in child safe plastic closures that can prevent kids from accidentally ingesting these products.

However, nutraceutical customers should also look for products that come with child safe plastic closures as well. There are a number of plastic closure manufacturers providing innovative safety products to the industry, and customers should make informed choices about what they bring into their home.

Since the dawn of 3D printing, product packaging manufacturers have come up with plenty of effective new designs for child safe plastic closures. Keep your children safe this year by making sure all nutraceuticals are secure.