Custom printed corrugated packaging

If you’re constantly finding yourself sending or receiving a lot of packages, you’ve probably spent considerable time pondering the best packaging solution. Should you go the newspaper route? The bubble wrap route? Come to think of it, maybe just taking a bunch of old T-shirts and haphazardly wrapping them around the contents is good enough.
We actually don’t recommend any of these options, and instead encourage you to go with custom corrugated packaging. Before you go running to for the definition of corrugated, that just means that the cardboard has been folded into even ridges and rows to aid in the insulating power of the box. Custom product packaging is a great way to keep your shipped contents safe and professional looking, and custom corrugated packaging is your best option for the following reason:
1. It’s cost effective.
People have been buying corrugated boxes to ship their stuff because its the cheapest option for over a century. If cost of packaging is your number one priority, then seriously, look no further than custom corrugated packaging.
2. It’s green.
A lot of people think recycling doesn’t make much of a difference Those people are wrong, especially when it comes to cardboard. Last year, over 90% of the corrugated boxes produced in the U.S. were recycled. What’s more, almost half of the material used in corrugated packaging today is recycled material. If you’re committed to the environment and reducing your landfill footprint, corrugated cardboard packaging is definitely the way to go.
3. It’s light weight.
Cardboard is already obviously lighter than plastic or other less disposable alternatives. What you might not have known is that cardboard technology is getting better. Yes that’s right, cardboard technology. It’s a thing, and right now most of its efforts have been on making cardboard up to 15% more light weight per square foot than it already is. That means less postal fees, and less bulky carrying hazard.
4. It’s tried and true.
Fully 90% of products meet with some form of corrugated cardboard packaging at some point in their shelf lives. The corrugated packaging industry is also far and away the strongest packaging industry in the U.S., employing over 70,000 workers at 1,500 box plants nationwide.
By choosing corrugated cardboard, you’re not only looking out for your own interests and the interests of your company. You’re also looking out for nature, giving your back a reprieve from some heavy lifting, and supporting a U.S.-based market economy.
Bet you had no idea how awesome and important this decision was. You’re welcome.