Air conditioner lansing

Often, we take the air conditioning in our homes and businesses for granted, until it fails to work properly. Air conditioners use about 5% of all electricity produced in the United States. Improper HVAC installation can reduce system efficiency by up to 30%. It can cost you more on your utility bills and possibly shorten the life of the equipment. Besides installation, an insufficient HVAC system together with a poorly insulated home or business can cause energy efficiency to plummet by as much as 30%.

It is imperative that home owners upgrade their furnace or boiler to 90% efficiency in an average cold climate house. This will save 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year if heated with gas or 2.5 tons if heated with oil. In fact, switching to high efficiency air conditioners can reduce energy use for air conditioning by 20 to 50%, in addition to taking other actions to keep your home cool.

It is advantageous for home and business owners to get a handle on poor situations to help the environment. If you live in a colder climate, merely upgrading the furnace in your home or business can improve efficiency between 50% and 90%. According to, most HVAC systems require changing their filters every one to three months. The air quality in your home or business is very important for your family or coworkers, especially those who suffer with lung-related illnesses like asthma, emphysema or lowered lung capacity.

Many furnaces continue to work for quite a few years, but if a key part such as the heat exchanger or control module fails, you are much better off replacing the furnace. Do not wait until the middle of the summer to seek the help of air conditioning repair professionals.Be proactive when It comes to your heating and cooling services. Air conditioning repair is vital for businesses so it does not affect productivity.

When in need of air conditioning repair, choose a local company that specializes in new furnace and air-conditioning installation and service. Be sure that they have a good reputation for punctuality and courtesy. Also, study their ratings and history to make sure they have been in business for a long time with years of experience.