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You would have been hard pressed to fins an aerial survey company available for a job in many places in America on Monday, August 21, 2017. In fact, even an aerial survey company that was not directly in the totality line of the solar eclipse may have been booked as enthusiasts and journalists from around the world came to watch a once in a lifetime event. From amateur photographers to leading astronomers, millions of people stopped what they were doing for a few hours in the afternoon as they watched for a natural phenomenon that most have only read about.
The third Monday in August may have brought more business to an aerial survey company near the best viewing of the eclipse, but these pilots and business owners actually find plenty of ways to stay busy at many other times of the year as well. From doing work for environmental engineering and environmental consulting firms to completing assignments for geotechnical investigations and surface water quality reports, an aerial survey company can complete the task.
In fact, anytime that you need overall information about a piece of land of a body of water, aerial services are often the answer. Consider some of these facts and figures about the ways that an aerial survey company helps private investors, individual land owners, and even large corporations as they attempt to survey the water quality of a piece of land:

  • 39 megapixel high resolution digital color photography images are the primary aerial photographic product.
  • 66% of U.S. bays and estuaries are severely degraded because of phosphorous and nitrogen pollution, a condition that can often be identified in a high resolution aerial photograph.
  • 47% of U.S. lakes, 45% of U.S. streams, and 32% of U.S. bays are polluted, according to water quality reports that are often confirmed by aerial photographic images.
  • 25% of all U.S. rainfall becomes groundwater. In turn, this groundwater provides much of the flow of many streams and lakes, which then serve the purpose of being a virtual window to the nation’s water table.
  • Unless it is adequately filtered, 73 different kinds of pesticides that have been found in U.S. groundwater eventually ends up in the nations’s drinking water. An aerial survey company can help monitor these problems.