Custom printed plastic bags

Plastic shopping bags are gross. From the way they clutter beneath your sink to the way your neighbor gives you the stink eye when she sees you using them: there is nothing cool about that shopping bag design. Before the plastic bag ripped open and your produce spilled all over your lawn, the bag was already awful. Did you know that it makes about 12 billion barrels of oil a year to produce all the plastic bags we use in one year? Ewww, right?

Many countries have even resorted to forcing consumers to pay for their plastic. More than 10 years ago, Ireland chose to enact this rule and now they consume less than 90% of the plastic bags that they used to. Shoppers bring their own back, of their own fun design and function. The custom bags offer pockets, insulation and support where it’s needed most. Not to mention, these eco friendly totes are easy to store at home, unlike the plastic bags we all know.

If the function and fashion of custom printed bags hasn’t sold you
, just think of the animals. Around 1 million birds and thousands of turtles perish each year after eating discarded plastic bags. This is a shopping bag design that doesn’t work for you, your family, your space, or your environment.

Luckily, fun reusable bags are easy to find. You can shop online or just pick them up at your grocery store.