Cheap ring binders

Whether you’re running a business or simply find yourself sending a number of valuable gifts to your loved ones, it is important to take the right steps to make sure your packages will be delivered safely and securely. This will not only save you a considerable amount of money, but will also help ensure the satisfaction of your recipients. Follow the steps below to reduce the risk of theft and other problems when shipping valuable goods.

First, Notify Your Recipients About the Package
If you are running a business, this is simply good customer service, but if you are sending gifts, it may seem preferable to let your loved ones be surprised by the package. However, whatever your purpose, letting the recipient know the expected delivery date and time can significantly reduce the chances that your package will be stolen. Telling customers what the package contains will also reduce confusion and help them identify any damage or tampering, while gift-givers will understandably want to check on the status of the package after it has been opened.

Second, Use the Right Type of Package
It is usually recommended that valuable items be carefully sealed in a nondescript type of packaging that is sturdy enough to support the object. Traditionally, this has meant using boxes carefully filled with additional cushioning; some companies even believe in double-boxing items. However, many people and businesses now prefer to use cheap bubble mailers. Cheap mailers are affordable envelopes reinforced with a durable packing material, making them a sturdy, secure and convenient option for shipping valuables. Moreover, buying these bubble envelopes wholesale is extremely cost-effective for retailers and individuals alike.

Third, Address Your Package Carefully
While it might seem quicker and simpler to write the address on the package by hand, this can sometimes lead to erroneous deliveries, especially if the mail service has difficulty deciphering your handwriting. For this reason, many people and businesses prefer to use laser printer labels on their cheap bubble mailers to ensure that the information is legible and correct. However, if you are using a company name, it is often best to avoid using words that can tip off potential thieves, like “jewelry”. Instead, consider including your name and contact information on a slip of paper inside the package.

Fourth, Avoid Taping Multiple Packages Together
While this can be tempting, it can make things more difficult for the mailing service and puts your packages at risk of being lost if you only put the shipping information on one of the items. It also looks unprofessional. For this reason, you should use boxes or cheap bubble mailers that fit the complete shipment whenever possible. Fortunately, the best companies selling wholesale bubble envelopes should have a wide variety of sizes and other options.

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