Carpet cleaning services

Creating an ideal work environment for yourself and for your employees is important, but it is not always an easy thing to accomplish. What works best for one person might be completely ineffective for the next person, and you are always going to have people with views in opposition to one another, wherever you happen to have a group of people. You might have one person who works best to ambient music, while the person in the next cubicle needs to have a radio or television going in the background. Both of these people would likely be distracting to the other in the way that they best get their own work done. So setting up a work environment that benefits everyone can be a bit difficult. But one thing that you can do to improve the workplace is to ensure that it is a clean and healthy place for people to work.

Commercial cleaning services for your company

There are countless available cleaning services for you to choose from in order to keep your business in tip top shape. You are going to want to do your research on the companies that are vying for your business. You could have one company boasting great reviews for their services, but if they are a residential cleaning company that only focuses on light house cleaning, you might want to continue your search. The right commercial cleaning company will be able to tackle dirty carpets where that particularly clumsy employee of yours has made a habit of spilling his coffee. They will be able to offer window cleaning services that will make the whole office gleam.

Most importantly, the right commercial cleaning service will provide top notch attention to detail, particularly when it comes to sanitizing and effective elimination of bacteria. Keeping the workspace free of these germs will keep employees healthier, which will contribute both to their quality of life and their productivity on the job.

The importance of quality commercial cleaning services

A good janitorial staff will not only go through the motions of tidying up a space, but they will also be knowledgable on how to truly get it clean. For example, many people use antibacterial sprays or cleaners, assuming that the quick application and wipe down does the job. However, a good cleaning service will employ workers who know that antibacterial cleaners must be left on a surface for at least 30 seconds to 60 seconds before it is wiped off of the surface. Only after that amount of time will it truly disinfect the surface. And these types of disinfectants are crucial, as many office surfaces can host a much larger number of germs than you would ever guess.

More than 50% of workers across the country eat their lunches at their desks and partake in different snacks at their desks as well. The problem is, a normal desk, especially one that is not regularly visited by a quality cleaning service, has as much as 100 times the amount of germs than a typical kitchen table does. In fact, an average desk chair, computer mouse, and keyboard can be home to around 21,000 germs per square inch! A typical desk could host around 10 million bacteria. Those armed with that knowledge are likely not going to be too eager to spend much time at their desk, much less eat at it.

You want your employees to be healthy, happy, and productive. One of the best ways to ensure this is to make sure the workspace that you provide to each of them is clean and free of harmful bacteria. You can pull this off with the right crew providing quality commercial cleaning services.