Office supply

Going paperless at work seems daunting. Employees worry if they?ll be able to work without having a printer. Management is concerned about tasks getting done properly and on time. There seems to be no happy medium. There are many valid reasons for a business to use print management. Read on to discover the benefits of doing so.

Save Money for the Office
As with any business, it pays to conserve money as much as possible. After paying rent on the building and taking care of payroll, many companies find that costs associated with running the printer and supplying paper are the next major expenses, regardless of what the office does. Since toner, ink, and paper are not cheap, conversing office supplies seems like the most important step. That?s hard to do when the average employee uses over 9,000 sheets of paper in a year at work. Add up the total and that is a lot. Instead, see how electronic document management makes documents accessible and easy to view, without constantly printing things every time someone needs them.

Most Documents Printed Aren?t Needed

What could be more disheartening to hear than creating something that is never used? This happens often, even if that is not the intentions of the employee. Over 15% of all documents printed at the office are considered waste and aren?t even needed in the first place. Rather than printing things, companies can turn to document scanning to create electronic copies that remain in folders on the computer system. This makes accessing the documents simple for any employee. They can email them to other people who need the documents, and even print them if it comes to that point. Turning to an electronic document management system saves time and money for all involved, without additional waste that was never needed in the first place.

Print Management Saves the Environment

More companies are becoming conscious of what can be done to take care of the environment. For most businesses, this means reducing paper waste as much as they can. Managed print solutions mean that items are only printed as needed, and printing is not the first option. Over 14% of printed documents get misplaced and lost anyway, so printing is not the safest method to handle dealing with information. By taking precautions, both time, money, and the environment can be saved in the office when looking for paperless solutions

Any office that is seeking practical ways to start a paperless system and use print management should consider the benefits that come with it. Doing so saves the environment, and creates less waste. Most items printed are not considered important and end up getting thrown away. By not printing, the office conserves on supplies as well. Finally, because fewer materials are being used for the printer, such as toner, ink, and paper, the company saves money, which can go toward other things. These are useful reasons to consider putting an end to paper and using electronic document management.