Attorney malpractice is a serious charge. Defending against attorney malpractice is serious enough that you do not want to undertake this defense on your own. Whether you are defending an attorney in your firm or in another firm it is essential that you have a team with experience behind you.

The right support is critical in these matters. There is a lot at stake when this type of malpractice suit makes it to the courts.

Is it Malpractice or Disgruntled Clients?

No one likes to lose. Clients pay the attorney fee and often feel like that is that. Of course, when the outcome is not what they expected in some cases, a client will go through great lengths to extract their pound of flesh.

Being accused of malpractice not only comes with the risk of having to pay out large sums of money, it also incriminates the attorney’s reputation. There is always the chance of being disbarred. Any attorney that has been accused of malpractice should immediately seek professional experienced support.

Presenting evidence that what the case is really about is a disgruntled client and not the malpractice of the attorney is easier said than done. Finding the evidence can mean a corporate investigation, interviewing witness after witness, and relying heavily on case law precedence. It takes a team.

Stopping The Case In its Tracks

In many cases, the plaintiff is willing to sit down with an experienced mediator to find alternative solutions to the matter. Arbitration can save time, money, and preserve the attorney’s reputation. Not taking the matter into the public purview in court while finding a solution can be the best way to settle these claims.

Mediation is a far better solution than litigation for attorney malpractice cases. They are better for the attorney, give quick resolution options to the plaintiff, and help to keep court calendars clear. The right arbitrator will be well-versed in such matters and have the skillset to keep the conversation going until resolution.

If you are representing an attorney in an attorney malpractice suit, or you are an attorney being accused of malpractice, learn more about alternate resolution options. Save yourself time, money, and the attorney’s reputation. The right support can make a tremendous difference in outcomes.