Electronic discovery can be very complex. Electronic discovery sometimes referred to as e-discovery, can literally be pages and pages and some more pages of information. The problem with electronic discovery is that many of those pages of information are irrelevant, but just as many pages, may be relevant.

Many law firms do not have the manpower nor the time to go through page and page of electronic discovery to pull out the relevant data. Unfortunately, without the right support, data can be missed that is highly relevant to your case.

What is E-Discovery?

Electronic discovery can contain emails, text records, social media site information, financial services electronic information, voice mails, videos, and more. It can be a tremendous body of information. This type of discovery is dynamic and can have more importance than traditional hardcopy evidence.

Electronic data typically includes information like dates, timestamps, and location which can provide critical information in cases from complex civil litigation to consumer credit complaints to intellectual property matters. This type of evidence is essential to almost every case that is heard today.

Management of Electronic Discovery

Thanks to the sheer amount of data that is often marked as e-discovery it can be very difficult to manage. Getting support to manage your discovery is vital to the outcome of the case. It can be a challenge to pour through pages of discovery without missing something that can affect the outcome of a case.

Trained professionals that are experienced in data mining can help. It may sound silly to say that an entire case can hang on the time stamp of an email, but it can, and it has in the past. Missing one piece of critical information can tank a case and put you squarely on the losing end.

Professional Support is Cost Effective

Having a team of legal professionals help manage electronic discovery is a cost-effective option. A trusted resource of eagle-eyed professionals that know exactly what to look for and what will support your case is a valuable asset to any case.

Tying up your staff with electronic discovery matters means they cannot support you with your other cases. Get the help that you need to manage the piles of e-discovery your cases can generate and never miss another piece of evidence.