The moment you notice a persistent issue with your home’s sewers, it’s best to call your local sewer line services to get their assistance. To do this, you can search online for “drain rodding near me” or “underground drain cleaning near me” and take a look at the results. This will show you a number of results that you can call after making an elimination of those that you feel are not quite up to your standards. Talk to them to find out what their terms of service are, as well as their pricing models, and you’ll have a much better chance of hiring the right person.

Remember that it’s a good idea for you to practice regular maintenance of your system in order to avoid serious issues in the first place. By making sure that the drains aren’t one clog away from a disaster, ou can avoid having to call emergency drain clearance services in your area. Emergency blocked drains are no joke, since they can cost you a lot of money to fix, not to mention the issues that they lead to. While a store-bought drain cleaner can do the job and unclog a minor clog or two, remember that it’s not a good idea to rely on it as a long-term solution.

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Your new home which was built in 2014 has a smelly problem. You started noticing a strong foul odor a few months ago. The strong smell seemed to be coming out of the bathroom shower in the master bathroom. The odor became so strong that you actually had to cover up the shower drain whenever the shower was not in use, only uncovering it when someone was taking a shower. Although the shower is used daily and you have even gone so far as to pour bleach down the drain, the smell continues. In a further attempt to find the problem, you have even used a ladder to get up on the roof and look down the vent pipe for any restrictions. All of your efforts, however, have been in vain and even a conversation with the builder has offered no solution.
Drain repair, especially in a newer home can be a frustrating expense. The possibility of having to dig up current flooring, landscaping, and sidewalks makes the expense and frustration of the repair even more intolerable. As a result, the best way to find the most effective drain repair is to work with sewer pipe repair services that offer the latest residential plumbing technologies.
Who Should I Call for Sewer Repair?
Home owners and landlords who are faced with smelly situations and other challenging problems should seek out advice from certified plumbing technicians who offer the most advanced services. Trenchless drain repair and sewer video inspection services can pinpoint problems and fix repairs with minimal disruption to a home, yard, landscaping, sidewalks, and driveways.
Although used in commercial jobs for years, trenchless plumbing repair has only been part of the residential plumbing world for the last 15 years. Technologies that were once only used on large municipal and commercial projects, trenchless inspections and repairs are now available to residential jobs as well. Not all plumbing contractors, however, offer these services, so it is important that consumers do their research and find the contractors who are using the most advanced technologies.
Even very savvy homeowners who make use of internet sites like Angie?s List admit to not knowing about some of these less invasive sewer repairs. In fact, nearly 78% of Angie’s List users who responded to a survey said they had not heard of “no dig” sewer methods.
What Can I Do to Avoid Sewer Problems?
For new homeowners, one of the best things that can be done to avoid future sewer damage is to think very carefully about planting trees. While it is a general rule that trees should be planted at least ten feet away from sewer lines, it is also important to know that a tree’s root system can grow up to three times the width of the tree’s crown. While the common logic is to leave a 10 foot distance between sewers and trees, if homeowners realize that roots can in time extend three times the width of the foliage and branches then they might think twice about planting trees too close to sewer lines that could be damaged.
For homeowners of older homes, sometimes the best way to avoid expensive sewer damage is to be proactive. Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie’s List, advises sewer line inspections for all homes that are older than 40 years. These inspections, especially if they are done with the latest sewer camera technology can help predict future problems, perhaps even making repairs before costly sewer breaks damage the interior of a home.

Is Trenchless Repair Worth the Money?
While the initial cost of trenchless sewer repair may be 10% to 15% more expensive than more traditional methods, this technology may save home owners money in the end. The cost of and inconvenience of tearing up a yard, landscaping, decking, sidewalks, and driveways can often be avoided with the latest trenchless methods. With traditional sewer repair, the cost of repouring sidewalks and rebuilding decks and gazebos can often equal the cost of the plumbing fees. Plus, who wants to dig up those beautiful rosebushes that have taken years to mature?

Smelly drain repair problems are no fun, and the mud and mess that are often a part of traditional sewer repair can make matters worse.