Credit card payment process

If you were to ask any person passing by on the street if they were carrying a debit or a credit card, the answer would undeniably be yes. While carrying cash is still a common practice, credit card and debit card transactions are taking over the world of consumerism. On average, global e-commerce sales generate $1.2 million every 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds!

The amount of revenue generated by the global e-commerce market is huge, and people are shopping online more and more frequently. But who monitors all of these transactions? Making a secure payment is easy with cash, because you have your money on you and you’re physically in the store. Online shopping websites and other ecommerce markets claim that their transactions are secure after they ask you to provide all of your credit card information, but how can you be sure? If your card is wrongfully charged, can you get that money back, or is it lost forever? How can you be sure that there’s a chargeback protection for ecommerce? Is there even such thing as chargeback protection for ecommerce?

Fortunately, the answer is yes! In 2014, the losses due to fraud have cost credit card holders, card issuers, and online merchants over $16.31 billion. These numbers made 2014 the fourth year in a row in which credit card losses outpaced credit growth in card value. The goal of payment processing sites is to help you, the consumer, avoid losses due to credit card fraud. Whether it’s a fraudulent practice by the merchant, or someone is trying to make a purchase with your credit card information, there are companies who can help!

If you’ve been burned by credit card theft before, then this is the safest option for you. Why go through the stress and anxiety of credit theft more than once? Online and mobile purchases are expected to reach 125 billion transactions annually by 2018. With that kind of projected growth in the ecommerce market, shouldn’t you be making sure that every purchase you make goes through a secure payment process? Secure payment solutions are out there, and they’re most likely only a few clicks away! The internet can be a dangerous place for your credit card, but that’s why there are people dedicated to helping you prepare and keep your information safe.