Video surveillance philadelphia

Security is an important concern and consideration for private residences and commercial buildings alike. The seamless integration of automated operations is essential for a well functioning security system – both commercial security systems and security systems for private residences alike.

A seamless integration of automated operations can help to improve the overall function and accuracy of your alarm system a well. Unfortunately, without a seamless integration of automated operations, the potential for error is high. For instance, as many as ninety eight percent of all security system and alarm activations turn out to be false alarms. However, even in the case of a false alarm, the police force delegated to the area must check out the situation to make sure. This requires up to two officers and half an hour, wasting police time as well as resources. As many as one quarter of all the calls that police forces receive are related to alarm system activations, meaning that much of police times ends up spent on false alarms.

But an alarm and security system, with the seamless integration of automated operations, is still an essential for many residences and places of business and can have a powerful positive hand in preventing crime. From office security to mall security, a commercial security system can also be effective as promoting peace of mind among those who work their. But theft is a considerable problem in the retail industry, as throughout the North American continent, almost fifty billion dollars worth of retail is stolen every single year. Fortunately, a well functioning business surveillance system can help to considerably cut down on the amount of inventory that is lost continent wide, as nearly forty percent of all lost inventory can be attributed to shoplifting and another considerable percentage can be attributed to the employees themselves stealing inventory.

The seamless integration of automated operations can also help to protect a home in the event of an attempted burglary. In fact, statistics show that nearly seventy percent of all home invasions could be prevented with an adequate security system, as many burglars will turn away from a home and pick a new target when they notice the presence of an alarm or surveillance system in place at a house. In fact, for more than eighty percent of burglars, looking for a security system was an essential part of scoping out a potential target, as they said they would be likely to avoid any homes they knew had some type of security system in place.

Though there is a potential for a false alarm, the benefits of installing a security system far outweigh the risks, both for private residences and commercial buildings such as office buildings and malls. In fact, the presence of the security system itself has been proven to be enough to discourage the majority of potential burglars and the installation of surveillance systems throughout retail locations has been, overall, effective at reducing rates of shoplifting and the subsequent inventory loss that follows.