Most people don’t realize that well drilling is a very complicated process. It requires careful planning and attention to detail in creating a successful project. This video explores the science behind well drilling by well driller companies.

Global water use has increased by nearly one percent annually over the last 30 years.

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Economic development, growing populations, and shifting consumer habits have fueled the increase. By 2050, global water use could reach 30% higher than today’s levels, mainly because of expanding economies and rising demand for industries such as agriculture. One way to achieve this goal is through well drilling.

Well drilling means boring a hole through the earth to extract groundwater. It’s used for drinking or irrigation purposes. The process involves using a drilling machine to push a steel rod down into the ground until it reaches the desired depth. There are many methods of well drilling, including rotary and cable drilling. Rotary drilling refers to using rotational motion to create holes in the ground. This method uses a drill bit that spins at high speed while being forced into the ground. As the rotating bit cuts through the earth, fresh material moves away from the hole, resulting in a cylindrical shape.