This video demonstrates food establishments’ best practices for managing grease and oils. Grease traps collect grease and oils from the kitchen, but they can only handle a certain amount of grease before they begin to overflow. Grease trap cleaners help prevent issues by removing any buildup in the grease traps. Grease traps are usually located under sinks or behind kitchen walls.

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They consist of a large tank with a fine mesh screen that catches grease and other food particles. They can get clogged over time, so they need the best management processes.

The grease trap cleaners keep your restaurant safe while ensuring that your grease traps continue functioning correctly. There are many reasons why grease trap cleaning is an essential service for restaurants. Some of these include reduced risk of fires and a safe environment. When grease builds up in your grease traps, it causes a fire hazard in your restaurant that could put customers, employees, and neighboring businesses at risk. You can reduce this risk by regularly having your traps cleaned out by grease trap cleaners. Cleaning out your grease trap helps keep it from overflowing and spilling into the sewer system, causing environmental damage.