Burning wood over a campfire or fireplace might help you relive pleasant camping experiences or comforting home recollections. It’s crucial to have adequately seasoned wood that burns hot and cleanly to make the most of these occasions. The optimum method for producing this product is to use firewood processors to split logs into useful, properly-seasoned pieces. Firewood processors could be the game-changer you need if you work in the firewood business or stock up at home.

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An axe alone just cannot compete with the precision and speed of a firewood machine’s hydraulic system in splitting wood. To meet your firewood demands, processors are available in a range of sizes and can even be personalized. Some can be readily towed behind a truck and are tiny enough to be utilized by one person. For proper seasoning, certain machines allow you to program the precise dimensions of the wood you need to split.

Every piece of wood naturally ages through air drying as the moisture in the wood dries out and balances with the humidity of the environment. However, depending on size and period, wood can season in a variety of amounts of time. For instance, drying an entire large piece of timber could take many years.