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A bridge is used to connect two pieces of road, often built over an area of water. Bridges are built all across the world to keep drivers safe. There are several bridges around the world that are truly amazing. These innovative bridges safely let drivers get from one area to another. Transportation planning firms around the world have created amazing engineering feats. Geotechnical engineering firms work to ensure bridges remain firmly placed in the ground. In this post, you will learn about four of most innovative bridges in the world.

  1. Lucky Knot Bridge

    The Lucky Know Bridge is located in China and is 607 feet long. This engineering feat looks more like a roller coaster than a bridge. Multiple lanes allow drivers to safely get to where they are going. China is a country known for having one of the largest populations in the world. The Lucky Knot Bridge is helping China’s large population cross the city of Changsha with ease. Geotechnical engineering firms work across China to help keep structures safe in this heavily populated country.
  2. Danjiang Bridge

    This bridge is still being worked on, with it expected to be finished in 2020. It’s no wonder this bridge is taking a while to create, as it is planned to be over 3,000 feet long. The Danjiang bridge will be finished in the country of Taiwan. Once completed, this feat of structural design will be one of the largest cable bridges in the entire world.
  3. Nine Elms

    The Nine Elms bridge is unique for multiple reasons. The Nine Elms Bridge is still being designed but it plans on being the first pedestrian bridge of its kind. This pedestrian bridge will be created for walkers, runners, and cyclists. The Nine Elms Bridge will be the first structure of its kind to not be made for automobile transportation purposes.
  4. Golden Gate Bridge

    You’ve probably heard or seen the Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge is located in San Francisco, California. One study finds that more than half of interstates in America are at least at 70% traffic capacity. The United States is a country known for having a large number of drivers. Civil engineer services are frequently called upon to repair bridges across the nation. Research shows that over 25% of bridges in the United States are in desperate need of repair. The Golden Gate Bridge still remains one of the longest suspension bridges in the entire world.

In closing, there are many innovative bridges around the world. A few distinct bridges are marvels of engineering. The bridges that you’ve read about still need to be consistently maintained. Geotechnical engineering firms look at rock and soil conditions for many bridges around the world. Ensuring ground conditions are optimal helps to ensure structures remain safe and sturdy.