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Whether you are an employer or employee, you need to know about employment law. It is commonly thought that employment law only helps workers. However, this form of law is beneficial to both companies and workers. An employment lawyer is a wise ally to have in your corner. In this post, you will learn three important situations employment law covers.

  • Wrongful Termination

    One of the most common issues a worker can face is wrongful termination. Certain states have what is known as at will employment. A state with this type of employment can terminate an employee for a reason specified by the employer. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be wrongfully terminated within an at will state. Employment discrimination can not hide behind an at will state, if the termination was done in an improper manner. An employment lawyer will help look through any job related documents to find out if a contract breach has occurred.
  • Receiving Adequate Compensation

    No one wants to be shorted payment upon completing a task. Unfortunately, many workers are not receiving the wages they were promised. The area of employment law works to fight for workers who are owed wages. Many businesses pay their employees more wages for working over 40 hours. If you’ve been shorted your deserved overtime wages, it’s time to call an employment lawyer. Every employee is a human being with their own set of civil rights. You deserve to be paid fairly for any work you’ve done on the job.
  • Terminating a Poor Worker

    Employment law helps companies deal with problematic situations. A business needs to have the right workers in order to succeed. You might have hired a worker you thought would be great but it just isn’t working out. An employer is not simply able to fire whomever they want, without proper legal reasoning. Employment law works to help companies terminate an employment, as long as it is legally able to occur. A lawyer will help you navigate company, national, and local documentation to ensure you can terminate an employee without legal repercussions. Many commercial cases benefit from having mock trials to prepare for an actual court room case.

In summary, employment law helps both businesses and workers win their legal fight. Wrongful termination happens when an employee is fired in a way that violates the law. Another problem workers face is having their wages withheld. Workers who have earned extra money through overtime deserve to receive their compensation. Employment law can help a business that needs to fire a bad employee without breaking the law. Both workers and companies benefit from seeking out an employment lawyer to aid in their legal situation.