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Heavily used public areas such as schools and daycares often need to be cleaned more thoroughly than an office building. Because young children are the main users of such establishments, there is often a greater chance for germs to collect and develop. However, it is also important to consider the needs of the population being served. It is not healthy for youngsters to be breathing in harsh or heavy chemicals on a daily basis. So what is the best way to ensure that the areas they are using are properly cleaned and disinfected, while still watching the use of the harsh cleaners? The answer lies within green cleaning. Safe for the environment and those with sensitivity to various harsh substances, it also protects against the spread and development of bacteria and viruses. It can be used with everything from counters to carpet cleaning, and has been proven to be even more effective and sanitary than traditional methods.

Green Cleaning Has Been Proven to be Safer Than Using Traditional Cleaners

When it comes to using traditional cleaners, it has been shown that there are at least 17,000 different types used around homes and offices. However, of this amount, only 30% have been tested for use around humans. Green cleaners eliminate many of these problems, since they involve using natural products that are often part of the environment. An example of this would be using a disinfectant made of lavender essential oil and water, rather than traditional bleach. It should also be noted that using non-toxic green cleaners is safer for the air everyone breathes, especially small children. Regular cleaners can make the pollution levels in air rise as much as 100%, making it even more dangerous than what is outside. By using green cleaning, those who are in the environment most of the time are safer and better off, naturally.

Green Cleaning Services Are Gentler on Surfaces Including Carpets

When it comes to carpet cleaning, using green cleaning services are better for the carpets in general. Carpet cleaning too often with harsh chemicals can hurt the carpet and wear away at fibers quickly. In environments where children are present and playing on the carpet on a daily basis, it is important that the cleaning service picks up dirt and debris, so it is ready for the next day. By using natural products for carpet cleaning, not only do the floor surfaces last longer with less wear, but it is also safe for the children who might spend six or more hours in the school or daycare.

Commercial Cleaning Services Operate at the End of the Day for Better Levels of Sanitation

Because cleaning services usually come in at the end of the day, surface and carpet cleaning are done after workers and children have left for the day. This is most beneficial since all the germs and debris can be cleaned away, and the building can be made ready for tomorrow. With green cleaning services, there are not usually instances of strong chemical smells or unpleasant odors the next morning. Even still, having services operate at the end of the business day is helpful, since smells will not trigger allergies or asthma in children or workers for the next day.

Green Carpet Cleaning Presents Lifts Stains Just as Effectively

While some might doubt how well carpet cleaning can be if the products being used are not traditional, it has been shown that using green cleaners can get the same stains out with the same level of effectiveness that regular products can. Instead of being forced to rely on harsh chemicals for stubborn stains such as finger paints or food, parents and caregivers can rest assured that green cleaners will do the job just as well.

When it comes to having carpet cleaning and surface cleaning done in a school or daycare, cleaning away daily germs are of utmost importance. By using a commercial cleaning service that is dedicated to offering and using green cleaning, everyone who uses the facilities benefit. This includes having as clean an environment as possible, while using products that not harsh or dangerous to the young people being served in these facilities.