Commercial dry steam cleaner

It’s essential to work, study and operate in a clean environment. Bacteria and viruses don’t wait before striking, spreading on a constant basis in subtle ways we can overlook if we become complacent. Although some businesses will invest in green cleaning services once or twice per week to keep their buildings up to code, sometimes it’s just not enough to eliminate the risk of airborne illness among customers and employees. Industrial steam generators are a powerful, brisk and efficient way of scrubbing an environment clean in no time at all. Using a powerful dry vapor steam to eliminate bacteria and pests, commercial conveyor belt cleaners will transform your company from the inside out.

A clean environment is appealing to everybody. In fact, even a minor lapse in your business’s appearance can have extreme consequences for its reputation. A survey exploring the function of a positive first impression on customers found 30% of respondents admitting they would never return to a restaurant with unsanitary bathroom conditions. Dirty floors, spotty counters and dusty air aren’t just visually unappealing, they’re also a surefire sign you’re letting all sorts of airborne contaminants run rampant.

When you invest in industrial steam cleaners you not only improve customers’ perception of your business, but keep your employees safe from common illnesses. It’s thought as many as 20% of Americans will come down with the flu annually. The CDC has concluded at least one in every six Americans will become sick every year by eating contaminated food or beverages. They’ve also tallied up the illnesses caused by diseases spread throughout hospitals and clinics, discovering over 100,000 people will die every single year from this form of environmental neglect.

Many household cleaning products have been linked with cancer. Green cleaning products have started to rise to the forefront as a preferable option for businesses and offices that want to stay clean, but doubt still remains as to the efficiency of certain products to eliminate harmful bacteria. Steam cleaning systems work by eliminating chemical residues while still sanitizing the surface being treated. This uses up very little water (a mere 1.5 quarts per hour) and is very mess-free, making it convenient for last-minute jobs and tight schedules alike. These aren’t the only benefit to industrial steam generators, however.

Steam not only gets rid of bacteria, it also pushes out parasites and pests. Steam can kill bed bugs up to 2-3/8″ into a gap, which is very useful when these tiny pests are dug into the surface of items. The modern recommended treatment for dust mites is to launder any and all contaminated items with a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Vapor systems are able to meet this standard and then some, penetrating surfaces deeply and reaching temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures dust mites and bed bugs are not only found, they don’t get a chance to bounce back.

Industrial steam generators also include dry ice blasting. This system produces a very high temperature alongside low moist vapor, far less dense than the air we breathe and useful for objects or items that are more on the fragile side. The three most significant types of hazards that cause unsafe food are biological, physical and chemical. Biological denotes microorganisms (mold, bacteria, etc) while chemical can include the aforementioned ‘safe’ cleaning products. Physical debris can include dirt, hair or anything else that shouldn’t be in a delicate cooking, medical or working environment.

Mold is harmful to your health. Pollen and dander can exacerbate allergies and sensitive constitutions. The spread of bacteria can easily go out of control with your business none the wiser and put everyone nearby at risk. Investing in industrial steam generators mean you dig deep and you dig hard, ensuring any and all unwanted pests and viruses don’t live to see the light of day. A steam cleaning system is thorough, delicate and, most of all, highly effective. Reach out to your customers and employees alike by keeping your environment as clean as possible. It’ll be a touch-up everyone will appreciate.