Northern virginia commercial sweeping

Keeping the street swept seems simple enough, so much so that many business owners believe that it can be handled by in-house personnel, but remember, just because something seems simple doesn’t mean it is.

There are a number of benefits that can be had from professional street and road sweeping services; enough so that business owners should seriously consider what will get them the best outcome. Most businesses don’t have personnel who specialize in parking lot clean up or power sweeping, this means outsourcing to one of the local street and road sweeping services.

The Benefits of Street Sweeping

As well all know, street sweepers clean and maintain the streets. The service is most popular in highly trafficked, urban areas. Mechanical street sweepers were first developed in the mid 19th century, by C.S. Bishop, who patented the first street sweeper in 1849. Obviously the technology has advanced since then.

Today’s street sweepers, which are upon truck bodies, can vacuum debris present in the street, allowing the removal of leaves, paper, and other unsightly debris that collects in curb gutters. Debris left in the street can block stormwater facilities, which can cause flooding during downpours. Road sweeping services are effective for removing both large objects and microscopic pollutants that can collect on streets.

How do Road Sweeping Services Help the Environment?

The most recent reports from the National Water Quality Inventory indicate that runoff from cities and urban areas is the leading source of impairments to water quality in surveyed estuaries. Run off pollution is pollution associated with melting snow or rainwater that washes off of bridges, rooftops, other impermeable surfaces, roads, and parking lots. The run off pollution that comes from highways and roads can include pesticides and heavy metals. Just some of the pollutants generated in urban areas are grease, oil, and toxic automobiles chemicals, pesticides and nutrients from gardening and turf management, bacteria and viruses from failing septic systems, heavy metals, and road salts.

Effective road sweeping services can eliminate thousands of pounds of debris from city streets yearly, minimizing the pollutants left in runoff from storm waters.

How Will Your Business Benefit from Road Sweeping Services?

Many customers consider the cleanliness of the exterior of a business to be as important as the cleanliness of the interior. A key to attracting customers are well maintained parking areas and sidewalks. Parking lot clean up is something best done by professionals with power sweeping services and a parking lot vacuum. Sure, you can go out and try to clean up the parking area or store front of your business by yourself, but wouldn’t you rather have someone else do your trash clean up?