Invoice printing service

Your office staff is running full speed every day, every week. In fact, several of your employees are doing more than they can accurately manage. You are starting to realize that handling incoming calls, greeting customers and billing clients is actually too much for the same person. No matter how you shuffle the tasks, the billing process seems to be what is suffering. When increased sales created so much work that the inventory manager could no longer handle the billing process it initially made good sense to transfer this task to the front receptionist. The thinking was that the receptionist could process the billing statements between answering the phone calls and greeting guests. Turns out the increased sales have also led to more traffic, both on the phone and through the door. The billing process is sometimes behind schedule, and worse yet, the bills themselves sometimes have errors. You have to find another solution.
It might be time to find a full-service print and mail provider. In fact, the solution might be to find a company that can not only handle the task to outsource utility billing and other statements, but also provide document design, printing, mailing and archival needs.
Businesses have three main reasons for deciding to outsource billing as well as other information processing: precision, timeliness and quality service. Making the decision to outsource utility billing, as well as other customer documents can be a huge timesaver for your office staff. It can allow your company to save paper expense as well as insure billing accuracy.
By outsourcing your billing process you can contract with a company that gives your customers the convenience of receiving, viewing, archiving, printing, and securely paying their bills online. This online option is a green solution to the stacks of invoices and envelopes that are curretly cluttering your receptionist’s desk. Making the “green” choice to switch to outsourced electronic billing also saves expenses for equipment, maintenance, toner, ribbons, and meter ink.
Making the decision to outsource utility billing and other income generating paperwork also helps you eliminate costly errors. If your overworked staff person is making mistakes on billing statements you not only risk losing profits, you also risk angering customers. A billing services company can focus on your billing needs and accuracy. An electronic billing system also has the added benefit of offering 24/7 viewing by you, the customer, and the billing provider. This three pronged process provides transparency.
Outsourcing your billing process will help you gain an organized, convenient archival system. It will also provide you a way to digitally store your accounts, while also allowing you web access.