Office cleaning service bakersfield

When you walk into a room, you are immediately struck with an impression. Regardless of whether you are more of a Type A or Type B personality, there are some things that are going to catch your eye. Maybe you are a bit more lax than the next person when it comes to keeping your house tidy, but when you walk into a workspace and see the same lax attitude about the attention to cleanliness in the workplace, it will cause a bad impression. In your own home, you know where things go, where things have been, and the last time that you cleaned. In a public or shared space, there is no telling how many germs you might be dealing with. This is why it is crucial to have quality janitorial services on the job, to create and maintain a space that is much more conducive to productivity.

Finding the right office cleaning services

You want your employees to be happy, healthy, and productive when they come to work. The more comfortable each person is, the stronger the team you will be able to build. Half of this comfort level is going to come from finding the right cleaning crew. There are many different types of commercial cleaning services, so you should take your time to sort through the many potential cleaning crews that you have to choose from. You will probably want one that will be available to work second or third shift, so that they can do the most thorough job, rather than attempting to clean around your employees while they are trying to get work done. This is particularly essential when you consider that one of every 10 people admit to never cleaning their keyboard, and 20% of people never get around to cleaning their mouse. Having a top notch crew that will ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of those frequently used items and more will keep everyone healthier.

Another element to consider would be opting to hire a green cleaning service, if you are truly looking out for the health of everyone involved, as well as the health of the planet.

Why green cleaning services are so important

Keeping office equipment clean is crucial. Between keyboards and telephones and doorknobs and the community coffee pot, the office is filled with things that you wouldn’t typically consider to be particularly dirty, but that can harbor countless germs and bacteria. In fact, 71% of employees have said that they believe dirty office work areas to be at fault for making them sick at some point. This is a realistic scenario, and does happen, but there are other factors that we seem to have collectively chosen to forget, and those factors have to do with the health of both our species and our planet. With the growth and advances in science and technology, there has been much that has been sacrificed for what has been termed progress.

Most typical cleaning products are full of chemicals, which do a fantastic job of disinfecting and cleaning, but then what? The residue and fumes from those products can harm those in the enclosed spaces where they were used. Cleaning products that are full of these chemicals can increase a building’s air pollution levels, to the point that those levels are are much as 100 times higher inside than the levels of outdoor air pollution. And when those products are flushed or rinsed down the drain, they work their way into rivers and other natural habitats, affecting the earth and wildlife. Choosing a green cleaning service means choosing a company that is environmentally responsible, and is watching out for the health of your employees as well.

There are indeed multiple janitorial services for you to choose from. But high quality green cleaning services that are available for second and third shifts are going to be your best bet.