Get a marijuana business license

Starting a medical marijuana business today doesn’t just mean operating as a dispensary. It also means developing a comprehensive medical marijuana cultivation business plan and finding the right businesses to distribute to.

But a medical marijuana cultivation business plan doesn’t mean only selling the raw cannabis. You may also be asked to process it and create different oils and extracts for use by a number of industries. Here are three different types of products that you may find yourself creating for the medical cannabis industry:


For the most part, your medical marijuana cultivation business plan will be focused on the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, if you’ve seen cannabis consultants to develop your medical marijuana marketing campaign, then you may already have some clients. In addition to contacting pharmaceutical manufacturers, you can also talk to individual pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals to find the right dispensary to work with. Most often, cannabis medicines are available in pill form rather than as a product to be smoked.


For businesses that require ready-made edible products for patients, your cultivation business can be there to deliver. Edibles typically take the form of pastries or other snacks, so the product can be eaten quickly and produce fast results. For many patients, this provides a simpler way to receive the benefits of cannabis that won’t have a negative effect on one’s appetite.

Extracts and Infusions

In some cases, you might not be creating the edible products. Some bakeries and dispensaries prefer to create them themselves, so they may look to your business for some of those ingredients. Most often, you won’t be handing over the dried leaves of the plants. Instead, some businesses will require a supplier for the extracts and infusions used in edible and pharmaceutical products.

Have more questions about growing or developing a comprehensive business plan for growing, processing, and selling medical cannabis? Make sure you speak to a cannabis business consultant to get more advice.