Pharmaceutical supply chain

The world of pharmaceuticals is too often at risk of contamination and counterfeit. Common ways to combat this are through pharmaceutical packaging techniques and track and trace solutions such as serialisation.
What is pharmaceutical serialisation?
Pharmaceutical serialisation is the track and trace solution that tracks pharmaceuticals up and down the supply chain. That means from the manufacturer to each place it goes in between to the pharmacist themselves, the medication is tracked.

How does serialisation pharma work?
Have you ever seen the small barcode-esque numbers on your medications? Those serial numbers are scanned at each part of the track and trace serialisation process, until they ultimately make it to distributor, where you purchase it and take it for your pharmaceutical needs.

What is the point of pharmaceutical serialisation?
Serialisation provides a means of accountability for pharmaceuticals, ensuring their authenticity and safety for consumption. More and more, counterfeit rings are posing threats on the sanctity of the pharmaceutical supply chain. When individuals ingest counterfeit pharmaceuticals, they are at risk of either taking placebo drugs that have no affect on their ailment, or ingesting something worse, such as rat poison or drain cleaner. Serialisation ensures that the pharmaceuticals have been accounted for and checked, every step of the way.

What are some other ways that pharmaceutical packaging companies ensure safety?
Using packaging such as blister packaging is a great way to prevent product tampering and protects the medication from outside factors such as heat and humidity. Blister packaging is made using something called a formable web, which creates a convex cavern, leaving space for the product. There are many kinds of blister packaging, but the most popular kinds are clamshell blister packaging and carded blister packaging. Carded blister packaging allows companies to provide product information and promotions along with keeping the product safe. Clamshell packaging is true to its name, and is shaped like a clamshell on a hinge. This is also popular in food manufacturing and in the manufacturing of office supplies.