Air and ocean cargo logistic caribbean

Sandra realized that she was was done with her purchasing agent job within her publishing company, and was ready to move directly into the world of transport and cargo shipment. Though her purchasing agent job had been fun and allowed her to really explore all the market had to offer, she had always been drawn to the shipping world because of how well-designed their systems had to be in order to work well. Sandra knew she had insights to offer from her purchasing agent job, and was ready to learn more about a new sector.

When she began her research, she realized that there was a much bigger world of air-transit than she ever imagined. She knew that some of the major shipping companies she was used to working with had airliners, but she didn’t know that there were cargo airlines that specialized exclusively in transporting cargo, typically internationally. These air cargo companies are a crucial part of the chain of getting goods, services, and resources from where they are produced to where they need to be. If a company in China wants to explore shipping to South America, they would likely need to look into both air and ocean cargo. Often, the speed of air cargo transportation makes it an ideal option.

Sandra also learned air shipment had lots of serious advantages over other methods. First, the arrival time of door to door transport is faster when something travels the speeds that planes can. Because of this, if something has a time-sensitive delivery schedule, air shipment really is the best option. Further, insurance rates are actually typically lower for air cargo shipping than other methods. Sea freight shipping carries a lot of risks from the elements and crossing into international waters and those risks are mitigated during air travel.

Additionally, Sandra was excited to see that the shipping business was becoming more and more environmentally focused. More and more companies were using paper products for shipping, greatly reducing the environmental impact. Paper goods have less of a carbon footprint that plastics, especially when they come from recycled materials. Sandra was passionate about reducing the impact that humans have on their environment, and thought that this particular part of the industry might be a next stop for her after leaving her purchasing agent duties.

Thought shifting careers can always carry the potential for stress, Sandra was excited she had discovered an industry that excited her as much as shipping and transport.