Commercial building projects require commercial plumbing services. The video expounds on the difference between commercial and residential plumbing services. To become a commercial plumber, you need years of experience and to pass certification examinations.

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As a commercial plumber, you may find that you work on a team. If you are working on a new building, you will work with other construction experts. A commercial plumber designs and installs plumbing fitments for large projects. Working on a team means that plumbers may spend most of their time in meetings. Meetings are essential to ensure that all construction tasks are completed correctly and on time. Working on teams also helps plumbers to develop their skills and trade.
Working on a commercial plumbing project may also involve a lot of time. However, you can track the job hours and payments due easily. As a plumber, you can outline the materials used and how long it takes to complete a particular task or the whole job. Depending on the project, a long commute may be required, along with parking costs. Working on residential plumbing projects is simple and straightforward. Residential plumbing problems are often solved quickly.