The auto repair industry is facing a drastic shortage of professional workers. The video provides more information on why and how the industry is suffering. Car owners wait an extra day for their vehicles to get serviced.

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It inconveniences the customer while making it difficult for service providers to attract and retain customers.

Here are some reasons why there is a shortage of auto repairs in the US.

High turnover rates at auto repair shops are one of the reasons there is a shortage. As the shortage of professionals persists, repair shops that can pay more poach highly-skilled staff from low-paying competitors, leaving these shops with fewer technicians. They may also not have enough hands on deck to service all their customers.

Another reason for the auto repair mechanic shortage is the lack of career progression in the field. Technicians are looking for how they can increase their earnings and work capabilities. However, many repair shops do not have a way to do this. Consequently, fewer young people want to become auto technicians. Therefore, it takes longer for auto shops to get new staff to recruit, train, and retain for better service delivery.