When purchasing real estate, there are several advantages of involving an attorney. This video explains some of the benefits one can get from seeking the services of different real estate lawyers.
Real estate dealings mainly involve the buyer, the seller, and the bank lending the money. Each of these parties wants to get the most out of their deals and thus involve commercial real estate attorneys. These lawyers perform their respective duties to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Buyer and seller attorneys review and negotiate real estate contracts and conduct title searches to advise clients on the right course of action. They ensure no zoning problems or title issues before overseeing real estate closings. They also negotiate contracts for better deals.
On the other hand, real estate banking attorneys draft and review legal documents related to real estate dealing and ensure that the bank gets good collateral. They also negotiate on behalf of the bank and ensure everything is okay before giving loans.
Clients also benefit from real estate attorneys because they get to understand the legal aspects of property purchase and can be represented in court if necessary.