When you are getting started as a truck driver, there are many things that you have to have in place to pass your inspection. One of these things is to have truck insurance that leaves you well-covered against many risks. These risks are both to you and to the public. Your truck insurance has to have a number of types of coverage in it so that serious accidents can be taken care of by the policy.

A commercial insurance company will offer commercial truck insurance policies. To get started, find a good commercial insurance company with a good reputation.

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You will have to have your insurance in place before you start your operations, so work with this company as soon as possible in the process. The company can tell you all of the coverage that you need to have by law for your truck.

When you have your insurance in place, you have to send proof of it to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. This is a requirement for being able to operate your truck. The insurance has to have bodily injury coverage as well as coverage for property damage and environmental restoration. All of these are highly important for your business.