The concrete removal process involves eliminating old and deteriorating old slabs. This process is necessary for various reasons. Your construction may have deep cracks or old parts that cannot be effectively repaired. Concrete removal is also critical if the repair process compromises the integrity and strength of the project. The cost of concrete repair differs depending on the size of the project and the time required to complete it.

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These costs can be anything between $206 and $7703. The national average paid by many homeowners is usually around the $1000 mark, ranging from around $2-$6 per square foot. This video outlines how concrete removal services calculate their prices.

Various factors affect the cost of concrete removal. Expert services evaluate the thickness of the concrete slab and how difficult it is to reach. Professionals also charge based on the state of the slab and whether it has reinforcements. If the concrete slab has rebar or a built-in mesh, it will cost you extra. Factors such as the type of surface removed also influence the pricing. Concrete removal services set a base price that will decrease or increase depending on these factors.