Hotel fire protection services

Between 2006 and 2010, the fire departments of the United States responded to an average of 6,240 structure fires per year — and this was in health clinics alone. The most dangerous element of a fire is the random, unpredictable nature of how a fire can spread. The more prepared a facility is, the greater the likelihood that the fire can be suppressed and controlled with minimal damages or injuries. Fire protection starts with professional fire suppression service and repair — is your business safe?


Hotels and motels are some of the most high-risk buildings for fires. Each year there are around 15 deaths and over 150 injuries caused by hotel fires. Hotel chains are reported to spend nearly $76 million in property damages caused by such fires. Many hotels are taking preventative measures rather than combative; new fire alarm monitoring systems are in place with early-detection capabilities. These devices are usually linked to fire protection companies that can inform firefighters of the early signs of a fire.


Naturally, kitchens are prone to having an increased risk for fire, particularly in kitchens that have large commercial oven ranges. Having the proper fire suppression service and repair team can help you tackle specific fires. Fires differ based on the flaming materials: fires caused by flammable liquids, electricity, metal, and grease each act differently from normal combustible fires. Studies have found non-chemical suppression systems to be effective 96% of the time in kitchens.

Fire Preparation

Ultimately, the right kind of fire suppression system largely depends on the individual business. Sprinklers are reported to have operated in 91% of all structure fires large enough to activate them. New quick-response sprinklers are also available; these sprinklers have the capacity to disperse eight to 24 gallons of water to the area every minute. When in conjunction with early warning systems, sprinkler systems have been estimated to reduce overall injury, death, and property damage by at least half. Being prepared is the best way to prevent fire loss: of 119 businesses surveyed, only 35% had some kind of fire evacuation plan. Don’t leave anything to chance: plan for safety with professional fire suppression services.