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What is your favorite video? Is it that sequence of young children sharing their words of wisdom on an adult topic? Is it the sports highlight of your favorite football team catching a Hail Mary pass and scoring the game winning touchdown in the last second of the game? Whether you are a fan of cute and cuddly or fast and furious, you have likely spent your fair share of time watching videos posted online.
Some things are too funny, too touching, too sad, not to share. That seems to be the latest trend in video marketing. Video production has become such a major part of our world that the internet is full of videos that we can not help but share with friends and family. Throw in a fuzzy little kitten or puppy and you have an internet success. The secret to video marketing is to capture these emotions and use it to promote your idea or your product.
Over one billion people currently use YouTube and they contribute to the four billion video views on YouTube each and every day. With all of this traffic and content, the video production project that makes its way to the top has to have a special appeal that will make people stop what they are doing and focus on your message. With a running list of similar content listed on the side of every video posted, your video marketing content has to not only attract, but also keep the attention of any potential viewer or customer.
The old saying used to be that a picture is worth a thousand words. In its updated version, the value of one minute of video is 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. That amount of content is equivalent to 3,600 typical web pages. To put this in perspective, you would have to write an average of one web page an hour for 150 days to achieve the impact of a one minute video. That’s the challenge professional video storytellers are up against.
It should come as no surprise to anyone that we live in a visual world. We are bombarded by images that can travel to nearly every corner of the earth in a matter of seconds. Even the addition of voice and music does not slow the process down. Marketing and web video consultants and producers have huge jobs. They have to stay current on what the latest trends are, as well as be able to predict or dictate what the next hottest thing will be. Is your video marketing plan staying caught up with what the billions of viewers are looking for? If not, you should consider consulting with the best corporate video production team.