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Worker satisfaction can be the key to retention and productivity. It depends to a very large extent on properly matching employees to jobs, and it’s surprising how often that doesn’t happen. That’s the reason why many businesses prefer to hire employment agencies when employment opportunities open up. A professional staffing company has the experience to make the right hires, with the big picture in mind. For job seekers and hiring managers alike, having a third party handle the recruiting process can reduce the stress and uncertainty.

Employee retention is the key to productivity
Long term employee retention is the key to business productivity and efficiency, but it can also be a real problem. Over half, or 57% of companies find employee retention to be a problem, and each year, businesses lose $11 billion because of problems associated with employee turnover. Employees leave their jobs for many different reasons but the most common is a mismatch between their skills and the job requirements.
Further, nearly half or 47% of human recourses departments identify employee retention as their leading problem. For 36% of human resources departments, the problem is employee engagement. To borrow a phrase, when it comes to both employee retention and engagement, prevention is better than cure. In this context, that means making the right hires can help both businesses and employees avoid problems later on.

Matching candidates to employment opportunities
Making the right hires is a matter of matching workers to jobs, but that’s much easier said than done. Sometimes it can take a professional recruiting agency to match the right candidates to employment opportunities. Not only do they handle the stress of the recruiting process, they have a better chance of finding the right candidate.
That’s because they can take an objective view when it comes to matching candidates to employment opportunities. They also have years of experience in recognizing the skills and temperament required for each job. For job seekers, hiring managers, small to medium size business owners, human resource managers and office managers, it’s the stress free way to find the right person for the job.

Diversity counts
The data shows that diverse working environments are more productive. Researchers have found that both gender- and ethnically-diverse workplaces outperform their peers in terms of productivity and income. That may be because diverse workplaces are both more challenging and more supportive.
Staffing agencies recognize the positive impact of a diverse workplace and offer many services to help employees and businesses achieve this status. As well as hires, training and professional development programs that recognize diversity and offer ways to handle conflicts can help businesses adapt to the realities of a changing workplace.

Most business with employment opportunities will benefit from hiring a job agency to do the recruiting for them. Job agencies have years of practical experience in hiring, support and professional development. This lets them pick the right candidate for the job, each time.