Sterling silver jewelry never goes out of fashion. Silver goes well with almost any clothing style. Some of the most traditional pieces of handmade silver jewelry are sterling silver bangles. Bangles are easy to make, so if you already have the tools of a silversmith, you can make beautiful bangles quickly and easily.

Video Source

Silver bangles start as sheets of silver that get cut into rods. Next, silversmiths hammer those rods to the perfect thickness and length. The best silversmiths remove any oxidation by soaking the cooled silver in an acidic solution. This video explains how to use warm water mixed with pool chemicals to create that solution.

Once the metal has been prepared, it can be shaped. The silversmith in the video hammers the silver rod to give it texture and bend it around a form. Once it is in the right shape, she solders it together with silver solder. To make the seam less noticeable, she files it and sands it down.

After the bangle is formed, the work of fine-tuning its look begins. This requires the silversmith to repeat some of the earlier steps of the process until the bangle looks just right.