Many people consider starting their own business to be a dream come true. Owning your own roofing company means there’ll be continuous work as roofs need to be frequently maintained and repaired. The video explains what to do to start your own company.

Firstly, get your paperwork in order. This includes hiring someone to register your LLC and getting insurance that’s specific to your business.

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Come up with a business name that resonates with what you’re offering, so it’s easy for people to remember what you offer.

When starting out, don’t accept too many jobs and don’t offer too many services. This may compromise the quality of your work, and you’ll fail before starting.

Ensure your accounting is in order. Learn QuickBooks so you can keep track of your money. Become financially savvy so you can read financial statements and understand the ins and outs of money. Research your market and check out online and local competitors. Find out where and how people advertise. Visit expos and see what you can do differently.

To be successful, start small, keep your business unique, offer personalized service, develop a good reputation, and soon you’ll have a booming roofing company.