This YouTube video from SRK Cycles discusses some of the steps required to buy and sell motorcycles.

What are the Basics of Flipping Motorcycles
The concept of flipping motorcycles is similar to the way homes are quickly bought and sold. The goal is to obtain a higher return on investment than you initially paid for the bike. In most cases, the motorcycle isn’t sold as-is.

Like a home flip. the buyer purchases a bike that might require some work.

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At the minimum, the motorcycle requires the removal of rust and a new finish. Meanwhile, others need a major part overhaul.

This may be difficult for other bikes. Though motorcycle shops have a wide variety of parts, those for older models are rare. Thus, further investigation is required to obtain them from a junkyard or online location.

Needless to say, flipping motorcycles is fulfilling for individuals or those that own motorcycle shops. While your first buy and sell may take extra time, you’ll eventually see a greater return on investment with each flip.