If you are still using a push mower for your giant lawn, it is clearly time to make the switch to a ride-on mower. Paying for lawn mowing services can be costly, and many homeowners enjoy the process of mowing their lawn. In order to get the best and most convenient mow, many people recommend a zero turn mower. These luxury models are perfect for humongous lawns, and are also used in professional settings like golf courses.

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If you are in the market for a new business venture, you may even use your zero turn mower to start your very own lawn mowing business! Check out this video to learn all the things you need to know before investing in a zero turn mower.

The Toro model shown in this video is one of the most popular ride-on lawn mowers. It has many ergonomic features, like a wide upholstered seat to fit any body type. Additionally the gas and brake levers are reachable and conveniently-placed. This mower in particular has an incredibly strong engine, which is something you definitely want for a large lawn.