This video demystifies the process of taking an electric vehicle or EV to an electric auto repair shop. Most drivers know what a car mechanic’s garage looks like, but EV auto repair centers are, by their nature, very different. There are plenty of electrical components present, from batteries to contactors, and the work area tends to be spotlessly clean and free of grease or oil.

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When electric motors need repair, they’re placed on a platform away from other components. This keeps them clean and dust-free while the auto-electrician works. Rebuilding an electric motor can increase its reliability and longevity.

The questions EV auto repair specialists get asked are also very different from those aimed at conventional mechanics. The top query is often around the cost of replacing the battery, which is a primary way of extending the life of any EV. However, the good news for EV drivers is that usually, batteries can be repaired, saving the expense of a costly replacement.

Many independent electric vehicle auto repair shops might provide services at a cheaper rate than the official manufacturer. Savvy drivers should shop around and check out reviews. Alternatively, they can visit and speak to a specialist themselves.