Answering services

Customers are the people that allow businesses to grow each day. Business owners want their customers to feel wanted. When a customer has a problem with a product or service, they might need to contact your company. You?ll want to be sure that you are doing everything possible to give each customer an outstanding experience. Sometimes, customers calling in might be in a temporary state of anger which makes exceptional service a must. In this post, you will learn about three potential mistakes your business could be making!

  1. Workers that Aren?t Active Listeners: A business having workers in the customer service department is all about choosing the right one. It is vital that a business has some sort of call recording technology. You want to assume the best from your employees. However, having call recording technology in place is a must for the safety of both customer and company. Ensure that your customer service workers are asking relevant questions instead of providing stock responses.
  2. Relying on Scripts: A business owner might think that call scripts help employees complete their work easier. However, you must remember that your workers will often be on the clock for, at least, eight hours. After long amounts of time, a worker is likely to get bored of reading the same script and it will start to show in calls. Calls that are too scripted take away two major elements of exceptional customer service which are emotion and empathy.
  3. Sending Customers to Voicemail: Recent research shows that 80 percent of people prefer to speak to a live person instead of being sent to voicemail. Many of those surveyed stated they would actually end the call to a business if a voicemail was heard. There are many phone answering services available for a business. Employing an after hours call answering service gives a business owner additional peace of mind. Knowing that customers are speaking to other human beings helps to ensure calls are resolved better than through voicemail.

In closing, there are easy mistakes that a business can make regarding customer service. Every business owner wants to have satisfied customers, especially when they need to call your business. An after hours call answering service helps to ensure that each customer is met with a live person on the other end. In addition, an after hours call answering service removes the pain of customer having to hear that beep of a voicemail.