Led display sign

Signs are an effective way to advertise businesses, make special announcements, and provide important information. You can see these signs throughout many neighborhoods as well as mini-malls and other shopping complexes. They’re poised outside churches and other houses of worship, community centers, and government buildings. And of course, you will also encounter them at stadiums along with other popular entertainment venues.

In a recent survey, it was found that 35% of the people polled discovered a new business as a result of its signage. Furthermore, studies have shown that signs can improve sales. Adding, changing, or going-large with a sign can potentially increase a business’ revenue by 7.7%.

Studies also show that having an on-site sign is equivalent to running 24 full-page newspaper ads a year. When you consider the costs of running two or more ads every month, imagine how much you might save with a traditional or especially a digital billboard.

People do look at–and read–both digital and traditional billboards. In fact, a survey showed that 71% will do so. Furthermore, when passing an outdoor sign, over 36% of the individuals polled claimed that they actually read and reread them. This repeated exposure can reinforce the sign’s content in the viewers’ memories.

When considering the 18-and-older population, 58% of the individuals polled stated they decided to attend an upcoming event they originally saw on a billboard. While it’s not clear if they would have heard of the event otherwise, a sign can assist with spreading the word.

When people walk, park or drive by outdoor billboards, 26% of those polled made note of the phone number and 28% made note of the website address.

Perhaps you’ve noticed one or more of the following electronic digital signs:

    Digital school signs
    Electronic marquee signs for schools
    Electronic message boards for schools
    Outdoor Church signs

        Outdoor LED business signs
        Scrolling marquee signs
        Signs for government offices
        Signs for municipalities

      Some of these signs may have stationary lettering while others have scrolling messages or announcements. They might be bold and basic or flash with an array of colors. Many digital school signs are colorful and provide important information such as enrollment dates, school breaks, and holidays.

      Since many people, approximately 68% of those polled, make decisions about where to shop or stop to eat while driving, a good sign has the potential to give them options–and encourage them to stop at your business.

      People tend to shop and engage in other activities close to their homes and work locations. For local businesses, this means 85% of its customers are within a five-mile radius.

      An effective sign can also evoke curiosity, as 32% of those polled stated. These individuals made a special trip to a retail shop later in the week as a result of making note of an advertising billboard. Furthermore, 58% of those polled visited a restaurant they’d seen advertised while driving by.

      The global lighting market is growing, and LEDs are expected to represent 53% of this market by 2019. When considering what type of signs you need, whether it’s digital school signs, scrolling signs for a new business or recreation center, consider the impact this could have.

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