Purchasing agent certification

With technology changing and expectations shifting to accommodate the environment, what options are best for you and your business when transporting goods? Purchasing agent jobs can fall under multiple categories that all have their own unique benefits, ranging from fast air transportation and simple land delivery. Read on and I’ll explain air and ocean cargo, door to door delivery and which one is the best option for your services.

Air Transportation

Let’s start off with American air cargo. Air transportation is considered the best way of moving goods that are perishable or have a very sensitive delivery schedule. Reliable and fast, they represent an estimated 30% of the world’s total shipment value. Air transportation also has high security and goes through multiple checks before being given a pass for delivery. Last, but not least, insurance rates for air delivery are often lower than if you use land or ocean travel. If you want your products delivered quickly and safely, air transportation is the way to go.

Point-To-Point Transportation

While air cargo is often used for products with a short expiration date, point-to-point transportation is useful for quick and effective travel. It doesn’t use a connection hub when delivering goods and instead goes straight to the destination — as such, it reduces the need for connection time, lowers the probability of damaged goods and is considered both an affordable and straightforward option for delivery. If you’re thinking of helping the environment, too, you can look for eco-friendly transportation options.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Everybody needs a delivery somewhere in the world. With so many packages and products being flown, driven and shipped overseas, it can put a real strain on the environment and cause long-term damage. If you’re looking to become more eco-friendly with your transportation, use recycled boxes and bags for shipping. Paper products reduce the amount of plastic packaging and are easier to recycle. Direct cargo transportation services, as well, use less stops on average and save on gas compared to conventional methods. When purchasing agent jobs, make sure you pick the option that best fits your business model and goods.