Vinyl graphics

In a world where everyone traverses the online marketplace on a daily basis, we are all used to receiving a barrage of pop-up and banner advertisements on every website we visit. Because the internet has become so flooded with advertising, the public has started to repel the practice of pop-up ads by installing programs meant to block them.

Interestingly enough, because people are so sick of online endorsements they’ve become more receptive to physical, real world ads. Billboards and window advertisements can be an effective tool but ads that can reach the customer themselves rather than the other way around have shown to be even more so.

Vehicle wrap advertising has quickly become a king among physical endorsements. Car wraps are typically seen around 30,000 to 70,000 times a day as they drive down busy streets. Some businesses who utilize car wrap marketing have seen a shockingly high increase in business of 107% since they began using wrap advertising.

One of the great aspects of vehicle wrap advertising that other physical marketing doesn’t have is the ability to reach multiple groups of people in different locations. Knowing when and where the intended demographic will be spending time allows auto wraps to move to where there placement will be most effective. A study showed that around 91% of intended target audiences respond to car wrap advertisements.

It seems strange that a society so influenced by the internet could still respond so well to physical advertisements. It could be that people are so used to seeing pop-up ads online that when they see vinyl graphics they are more intrigued. Or it could be that they appreciate the work it takes to create custom car wraps and drive to reach their audience over simply paying for a digital ad to come up on internet searches.

Regardless of the reason for their popularity, vehicle wrap advertising is quickly becoming a powerful contender in the marketing world. It’s a great way to meet your audience in a unique way that they will remember over a simple pop-up window.